Zentrum für Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung an der CAU e.V. (ZwW)

DCL - Designing Curricula and Lectures

Curriculum and development
Models for development of a curriculum(e.g. according to core )and phases of curriculum development .

Introduction to new curricula
Top down versus bottoms up strategies. dealing with resistance.

 Formulating of learning objective
Superior and scientific learning objectives, competence based learning objectives and learning objectives domains ( cognitive, psychomotor, affective )

Designing and planning of courses (lectures, seminar, courses)
Planning models, planning procedures, teaching/learning forms and their functions

Teaching methods in context
Simulation methods, activating methods, methods for independent learning, function and appropriateness of the methods

 Tasks/ Questions/Instructions
Completed tasks, structured tasks, tasks and level of thinking. Competencies and tasks, questions and operators