Zentrum für Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung an der CAU e.V. (ZwW)

IPR - Initiating, Implementing and Publishing Research Projects

Objectives and principles of scientific work in oral medicine.
Innovation, research, agendas, motivation, procedures methods and  techniques.

Development of a research structure in oral medicine
Development and organization of research infrastructure.

Development of a research design
Survey of the current state of research, developing a research question, planning, implementation, analysis, evaluation and assessment.

Possibilities and limitations of relevant research methods
In-vivo/ In-vitro techniques, PCR, cell culture process, ELISA, and material science.

Types of publications, publishing institutions, structure  and form of scientific publication, assessment and quality criteria of scientific publication

Identification and acquisition of investors, application forms, personnel and resource administration and controlling

Quality and standards
Validity, objectivity reliability, monitoring, research ethics relevance and transferability.