Zentrum für Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung an der CAU e.V. (ZwW)

Program Profile & Objectives

The CAU Kiel is known for its excellence in research and teaching, the new iMASDER is committed to these standards, the medical faculty is placed amongst the highly rated medical faculties in Germany, especially in the branch of dentistry. It is based on the principles of continuous employee development, sustainable innovations and information networking.

The program involves training of university lecturers from around the world in the fields of teaching and research. These participants are those who possess qualifications in areas of communication, personal management, project management and evaluation.

A comprehensive qualification for the occupational field of university lecturer is still missing at the moment. This applies not only to Germany but to majority of countries, especially in the field of oral medicine.

A professional education of this nature includes;

  •   The communication of scientific foundations for research and teaching in the field of dental medicine
  •   Relevant methods
  •   Findings of empirical research
  •  The transfer of competencies in the areas of curriculum development 
  •  Teaching Methods
  •   Personnel and Quality Management
  •  Communication


A constructive approach to achieving this is the close linking of theory and practice. Practice oriented exercises and training courses are offered on the basis of theoretical introduction. As well as practice experience in the field of dental medicine.

The Objectives of the program are to convey knowledge in the field of oral medicine through current state-of –the-art research teachings and methods. Therefore, applying acquired knowledge to both the known and new problems encountered by participants in the course of their work.  This enables their students to independently acquire knowledge after graduation.

The program aims at equipping participants to independently develop and implement didactic standards according to the teaching curricula. Building of work groups, managing these groups, carrying out studies and publishing studies can successfully executed by students.