Zentrum für Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung an der CAU e.V. (ZwW)

About the iMasder

Take a major step in your career!

international Networking
Master degree advancing all competencies for an academic career
Application of acquired skill
Scientific Basis
Dental focus with all topics relevant for other life sciences
Excellent training on all levels of university education
Revealing the wide spectrum of current research in life sciences


The program is tailored to achieve the unique combination of skills necessary for leading positions in academic dentistry. The iMasder provides educational and scientific skills for dental education; it also incorporates the research based learning.

At the end of the program participants would have attained a leadership qualification to tackle managerial issues. Strategies for publications would have been acquired and techniques for fund raising will not pose an issue anymore.

Highlights in Numbers

  • 3 Compulsory attendance week in Kiel, Germany. (One per semester)
  • 4 Semesters
  • 7 Modules